Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to HADES Schools - All About America's Elite Private Boarding Schools

Welcome to HADES Schools. If you don't know - HADES is an acronym for five of the top private boarding schools in the U.S., specifically - Hotchkiss, Andover, Deerfield, Exeter and Saint Paul's. Of course there are other fie schools (that didn't make it into the acronym) and we'll be discussing those as well.

The decision to attend (or to send your child) to a boarding school is a very personal one. While the schools we'll be discussing have stellar reputations they're not for everyone - and some are better suited to some students than to others. When choosing a school there are many things to consider including geographic location, cost, size, diversity, extra-curricular activities, AP classes, classes for students with special needs, athletic programs, etc.

We'll start out with a discussion about each of the HADES schools and then move on to somme of the others - and along the way we'll mix in topical discussion about the process of selecting, visiting, interviewing and applying. Join me on this journey - you just might it changes your life.

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